Consistent Con’s Comeuppance !

Consistent Con’s Comeuppance !

You may recall, around June/July 2011, a couple of days after moving into our new offices that all of our laptops were stolen.

A couple of months later we were all very surprised when the police came into the office with the stolen laptops; having found them in a secret stash in a garage, not too far from the office.

So today we are very happy to announce that the professional criminal who stole them was finally caught, due to the extra diligence of our local community AND the Landlord Referencing Community, and jailed for three years at Bristol Court on Monday, 2 of April 2012.

David Anthony Soper, 38 – described as a “ONE man crime wave” by The Bristol Evening Post – pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods, burglary, theft from a car, going equipped for theft and the attempted burglary of a Sue Ryder charity shop in Worle.
He also admitted to supplying police with Class A drugs heroin and cocaine in July last year, Bristol Court heard.

Having been a professional criminal for most of his life, with 34 previous convictions for burglary, Soper committed offences on a daily basis in June & July 2011. He was arrested, bailed but still carried on with his “one man crime wave”.

Then, after failing to steal a Ford Ka and leaving his own belongings in the car (!!), Soper was arrested and bailed – only to be caught again, shortly after, dealing small amounts of crack cocaine and heroin to undercover police on four separate occasions.

Nadeen Aullybocus, defending, said his client pleaded guilty to all matters and had become drug-free whilst in custody.

He said: “At 15 he fell into drugs and since then has spent half his life in custody. He comes out, manages for a while and then falls back into a crime spree.”

He told the court: “He knows there is no alternative but custody. He welcomes it. If he is given a prison sentence he will finish what has been started. Hopefully, when released, he intends to move back with his partner and daughter.”

Quite often we get asked by tenants “what’s in it for us to be added to a data base that other landlords can reference one another about our lifestyles?”
David Soper is known to our localised landlords and letting agents and is therefore on the Landlord Referencing system.
So, the answer is very simple;

  • If you are a member of our landlord community you will never have to take this professional criminal as a tenant.
  • And if you are a tenant and your landlord uses our system you will never have to worry about David Soper being your neighbour.

Author: Media Team

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