Tenant Referencing For Dummies

Tenant Referencing For Dummies

Referencing for tenants who’ve just arrived from another EU country – Do they qualify for RGI?

20 April, 20162 Comments
Dear Samii Please can you let me know whether you are able to carry out referencing for tenants who have just arrived from another country in the EU? Also, are they able to qualify for RGI? Samii says The problem we face is that a credit check is a required element of eligibility for RGI.
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Referencing non-UK students on time limited visas / Landlord information request

15 April, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii How do I reference a non-uk student on a time limited visa? Samii says It can be a challenging task trying to meet the Right to Rent checks and Immigration Act 2014 Code of Practice if you deal with large numbers of overseas students with time limited visas, months in advance of the
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How long should a tenant reference take to complete?

11 April, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii On average, how long should a tenant reference take to complete? Samii says Lol, how long is a piece of string?!… Seriously though; it really depends on what you actually want from your reference. At Tenant Referencing UK we are experiencing a notable increase in landlords fretting about our referencing process taking longer than other referencing
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Referencing failed half way through / Right to Rent clarification

04 April, 20161 Comments
Dear Samii If my reference fails half way through do I get my money back? Samii says If you have opted for one of our referencing packages that comes with rent guarantee insurance, then you will receive a refund on the RGI product if the referencing fails half way through. However, if the applicant tenant fails
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Incorrect spelling on reference / Not a member of the website

01 April, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I’ve spelt the name wrong on the my tenant reference application, what should I do? Samii says It is paramount that you provide the correct spelling of your applicant tenants name, otherwise your financial check/tenant history report will draw a blank and return no data. So if you have provided the wrong information you’re simply going
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Bank Statements / Financial Check Sample Report

30 March, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii My applicant tenant is concerned about fraud and reluctant to share their bank statements with your data processors. Is there any way around this part of the referencing procedure? Samii says At Tenant Referencing UK we use a secured connection and this is why we ask for these to be uploaded instead of being sent via
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Right to Rent ID Documents / Feeling sorry for a tenant who’s failed on affordability

23 March, 20161 Comments
Dear Samii What ID do I need to meet the right to rent regulations? Samii says Available documents are as follows: • Group 1 documents in List A permit the holder permanent right to rent in the UK. • Group 2 documents in List A must be shown in a combination of two. • Documents
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Immigration ID Verification / Is it a blacklist?

22 March, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii How does Jumio’s Netverify ID Verification work please? Samii says Jumio’s Netverify allows landlords to submit identity documents to the Tenant Referencing UK platform for digital review, to determine whether their next tenant has the right to legally reside in the country or not. On average through the Home Office this process can take
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