Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

Could You Take The Leap from Renting to Buying?

18 September, 20170 Comments
There’s no doubt that taking the leap from renting a property to owning one outright is a huge step. However, it’s also a huge leap forward in the right direction and can be the catalyst that sets you up for years to come. However, renting is a lot different from owning as it comes with
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How Closely Connected Is the Number of New Builds Per Year And the General State of the Economy in the UK?

04 September, 20170 Comments
The fates of the property market in terms of house prices and mortgage rates is always closely tied to what is going on in the economy of a country. However, the number of new building projects is not quite as clear cut in terms of its relationship with things like economic growth. House Building Projects
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Funeral insurance

16 August, 20170 Comments
In his seminal work, The Private Life of the Romans, Harold Whetstone Johnston revealed that the concept of some form of funeral insurance is really not that new. In ancient Rome, burial societies were created for the purpose of ensuring sufficient funding for the appropriate funeral arrangements of members of cooperative associations. The idea was
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Frustrated Landlords – Making Sure You Receive Rental Payments On Time

09 August, 20170 Comments
Ask yourself one simple question – why did you invest in buy-to-let property all those years ago? So you could make money. As a private landlord it’s vital to collect your rental payments on time because the knock on effects for you can be disastrous. Many landlords use the income generated on lettings to pay
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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

04 August, 20170 Comments
We understand the importance of maintaining cash flow through regular rent payments. When tenants fail to pay, recovering what you’re owed isn’t always easy. Our CRAR service is fast and responsive, ensuring you receive the money you’re owed quickly and efficiently. The service is completely free (unless you instruct us to withdraw) as the tenant
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Remodelling Office Space and making it Employee Friendly

03 August, 20170 Comments
An office is a place where employees spend most of the day and are expected to bring out constructive ideas for the company. But stuffing employees in a small place with dark walls and no concept will not only discourage the employees to continue working with your organisation but will attract people who are laid
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How to Avoid a Disastrous Moving Day

17 July, 20170 Comments
Before the Move Before moving into a rental property, there are a few things you absolutely must do to avoid any unpleasant disputes and disappointments. Inventory Listing Before moving into your rental property, ask your Landlord for an inventory listing of all items included in the property. Things like the white goods or carpets, blinds
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How to Sell Your House as a Landlord

14 July, 20170 Comments
If you’ve been renting out a house to tenants but have decided to sell the property for whatever reason, there are many things to consider. You may be moving away or simply want to retire from being a landlord, and much of the same advice for other homeowners applies. For those who want to know
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Forfeiture of lease

13 July, 20170 Comments
Commercial landlords have two options, should their tenant breach the terms of their lease due to non-payment of rent. Mixed use premises They can obtain an order for possession or use the common law remedy of forfeiture. If there are residential premises attached to the commercial premises, for example a flat upstairs that shares a
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