Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

Record Number of Buy-to-Lets Purchased With Cash

06 March, 20170 Comments
According to data from lettings agent Countrywide and the Council of Mortgage Lenders, a record number of landlords are choosing to purchase their buy-to-let investments with cash rather than through the use of mortgages. More than six out of ten properties purchased last month with the intention of letting were bought debt-free. It seems easy
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5 Affordable Upgrades for Your Rental Properties

03 March, 20170 Comments
The upkeep and maintenance of your rental properties can be among the most stressful tasks you need to deal with. Maintaining a good standard is extremely important since it can directly influence your ability collect proper rental income now and in the future. You can’t expect your renters to pay a lot of money if
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Property Tax is Getting to Be Taxing for Landlords

01 March, 20170 Comments
While the general rule regarding the law and tax in particular is that ignorance is no excuse, it’s easy to see why many buy-to-let landlords have been left confused and concerned over a flurry of recent tax changes.  Here is a brief explanation of the three key changes and what they mean. Stamp duty surcharge
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Torts on goods left behind during forfeiture

27 February, 20170 Comments
A landlord may forfeit a commercial lease when the tenant is in arrears with the rent (usually by 21 days or more) under Common Law. The lease will be forfeited by the peaceable re-entry of the premises, normally undertaken by certificated enforcement agents. This article will consider what rights and duties the landlord has with
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Uk Property Listing Portal

22 February, 20170 Comments
UK, Feb, 2017 – For clients who are on the look-out for a flat or a property on rent, or landowners who wish to enlist their property for sale for prospective buyers and tenants, brings a one click away services to connect the two — prospective buyers and tenants to interested land and house
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Renting with an IVA: is it possible?

21 February, 20170 Comments
An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a legal agreement between someone who owes money and their creditors. Designed to help those in financial stress, the agreement involves forming a binding contract to enable the recipient to pay off some or all of the money at an agreed amount per month. It will affect your credit rating
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Must-Do Repairs for Tenanted Properties

15 February, 20170 Comments
As a private landlord it is your responsibility to ensure that the safety of your tenants is never compromised. In previous examples, some landlords have preferred not to complete basic repairs for new tenants in let properties. Not only is this incredibly irresponsible but poses an incredible health and safety hazard. As a landlord there
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Moving Guide for Tenants

03 February, 20170 Comments
If you are new to lettings or property in general, there are a number of things that need to be completed before any sales or rentals can be agreed. If you are new to letting, then you may or may not be aware of this already. Typically, the most common areas that require action are
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Why tenant demand is likely to be the new constant in UK property

01 February, 20170 Comments
Tenant demand is important for any investor, and here’s why it’s not likely to go away any time soon. For anyone considering investing in the UK’s private rented sector for the first time, one of the major concerns will centre around the potential longevity of the market’s strength, and their own ability to see a
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