Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

Forfeiture of lease

13 July, 20170 Comments
Commercial landlords have two options, should their tenant breach the terms of their lease due to non-payment of rent. Mixed use premises They can obtain an order for possession or use the common law remedy of forfeiture. If there are residential premises attached to the commercial premises, for example a flat upstairs that shares a
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Are the modern buildings safe?

10 July, 20170 Comments
Whether a new skyscraper or a simple one-storey house is being built, the safety issues always come first. However, it is principal to determine what we are securing ourselves against: is it an earthquake, flood, fire or regular burglary? Nowadays, the builders consider few if not all the high-risk factors. In light of recent Grenfell
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What is tenants Insurance and is it worth it?

28 June, 20170 Comments
You may well have heard of home insurance and contents insurance, however, did you know that it is equally as important for tenants to ensure that their property is fully insured? This guest post has been created to help provide a little extra guidance on what tenant insurance is and why you should consider it
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What are the costs of moving house?

27 June, 20170 Comments
Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful and costly exercises you can undertake in your life. So, it is important to consider the real cost of moving house and plan carefully what to budget for. With a myriad of requirements to juggle, numerous hurdles to overcome and a whole host of
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Unlawful eviction and what it means for you

23 June, 20170 Comments
Like many jobs, being a landlord has both its benefits and pitfalls. One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is being faced with the daunting prospect of evicting a problem tenant. It’s something every landlord dreads and rightly hopes they will never have to do. However rather than avoid the situation and
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Royal assent for the Homelessness Reduction Act

08 June, 20170 Comments
Starting life as a private member’s bill raised by Bob Blackman, the Homelessness Reduction Bill was later backed by the Government and has now received royal assent on 27th April. The Act is good news for both the homeless and those threatened with homelessness, as it places new obligations on councils. Priority need or intentionally
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Advice for Landlords: Dilapidations and How to Deal with Them

07 June, 20170 Comments
As a landlord, you’ll probably agree you can have your work cut out managing even a small number of properties. Not only do you have to first find suitable tenants, you then have to make sure you letting to them in a safe and legal way, that your tenants know what your house rules are
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Top Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

05 June, 20170 Comments
Moving home is considered one of life’s most stressful events. We are faced with a mammoth task of transferring all of our belongings to a new location, deciding where to place things and settling in, often leaving us thinking ‘where on earth do I start?’ Luckily, with the right preparation and planning, you can make
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