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Guest Blogs


Health and Safety Responsibilities for Landlords

18 January, 20170 Comments
When it comes to investment, many people turn towards the property market. However, the responsibilities of being a landlord can often become blinded by the future profits and investment opportunities. As a private landlord, you have a duty of care towards your tenants; making sure that the property is safe to live in and meets
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5 boxes ticked by the purpose built rental market

12 January, 20170 Comments
The benefits of the purpose-built rental market that are enjoyed by landlords and residents in the sector. Rental homes have changed somewhat in the last couple of decades. While rental properties used to be homes bought by landlords in the mainstream market and just let out to tenants, a practice that does still continue, we’ve
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The Importance of Good Design in Rental Properties

05 January, 20170 Comments
It’s a common misconception amongst landlords that design is of lesser importance in rental properties. Whilst it’s good practice to offer a property with broad appeal, renters often lack enthusiasm for a home that is too blank a canvas. When viewing your residences, future tenants should be able to envision themselves inhabiting and enjoying the
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Tenant eviction eBook

04 January, 20170 Comments
Following on from our recent residential tenant eviction webinar, we have developed a complimentary eBook, covering the up-to-date procedures and forms, for property solicitors, landlords and agents. Download your free copy: We also had several questions from webinar participants and bring you the answers to these below in Q&A part one and Q&A part two.
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Rental prices to increase as landlords adapt to changes

03 January, 20170 Comments
It is likely that rental prices will rise as a result of private rented sector landlords adapting to changes that were implemented by the Government this year. Changes have been made to stamp duty, immigration checks have to be carried out, tax changes are on the way and lending conditions have been tightened and that
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The private rental market could change everything in Scotland

03 January, 20170 Comments
The Scottish housing market could be defined by investors purchasing land in order to build apartments for the rental market. These kinds of developments are likely to become as common as student accommodation and even though these kinds of developments are mainly seen in London, it is likely that investors are going to look to
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1.3 million people can’t all be wrong, and they are not bad tenants either

19 December, 20160 Comments
There are 1.3 million people in the UK on waiting lists for “Social Housing”, not wanting a “traditional” landlord, they can’t all be wrong. Much of the free advice for landlords is flawed and this breakthrough new book (published December 2016!) aims to set the record straight explaining, amongst other things, that by being slightly
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Quarter days and commercial rent arrears

12 December, 20160 Comments
In England and Wales, commercial rent is normally payable quarterly in advance. Traditionally these are known as “quarter days” and have been in use for centuries. The dates they fall on are – 25th March (Lady Day), 24th June (Midsummer Day), 29th September (Michaelmas) and 25th December (Christmas Day). Whilst many commercial landlords still use
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Landlord Responsibilities – What does it take to be a landlord?

09 December, 20160 Comments
When it comes to investing in buy-to-let property, many people see the potential returns and completely forget about the responsibilities that come with being a landlord. However, if you want to become a landlord then you have to consider the legal responsibilities. From the very moment you have your first tenants, you have legal responsibilities
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