Can you help out your fellow landlords ? …

Can you help out your fellow landlords ? …

weneedyouClean up your community by becoming an LRS Volunteer


We have just had a new batch of LRS leaflets come in and wondered if any LRS members would be willing to distribute some around their local letting agents, landlord forums, pins, association meetings, etc ?

This will strengthen your networking community as well as our national database of good and bad tenants.

Simply, if you tell just one other landlord and he uploads 5 tenants; that’s 5 potentially bad tenants you won’t have to take in the future OR 5 potentially good tenants who you may have previously turned away due to a bad credit history.

Our database and community of landlords can only grow with your help and we will  all benefit when it does.

Please fill out this form and your LRS material will be sent out to you ASAP.
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