Bad tenants set to be targeted in Aberdeen

Bad tenants set to be targeted in Aberdeen

Families who cause misery in their communities are set to be targeted under strict new measures by Aberdeen City Council.

Local authority officers will compile reports on trouble-makers who blight Aberdeen with their antisocial behaviour.

Offenders will face a range of new penalties – including the possibility of losing their home.

The plans were revealed in A REPORT that went before the housing and environment committee on Tuesday 12th March.

Convener Neil Cooney said: “The time has come to get to grips with this because it’s just a handful of tenants causing the same problems.”

BUT WHAT IF you could deter anti-social tenants from entering your community in the first place?

Landlords are fast becoming the first line of defence in stopping bad tenants, as the private rented sector continues to grow. Therefore landlords and tenants alike are welcoming any free form of legal defence that protects their families and communities from being destroyed by anti-social behaviour, drug related crimes, burglaries, etc.

We all want good neighbours, social referencing helps you get them.

At landlords and letting agents networking together as a community are now becoming the gate keepers to these communities; sending a clear message to reckless tenants who think that they can simply do as they wish THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANY MORE.

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