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Do UK Landlords Care About Their Tenants’ Genders?

29 July, 20161 Comments
Have you ever gone to look around a rental property, fallen in love with it and on saying you would like to take it, been turned down with no real explanation as to why? Well, have you ever considered that the reason could be as simple as your gender? Finding the perfect place is not
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Why wasn’t a conviction of assault flagged up in my Equifax financial report?

22 July, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I have a tenant who stated that he had no CCJ’s or other convictions. I now discover, by accident, that he had a recent conviction for assault. Could you please advise why this was not flagged up in your reference report? Samii says I completely understand your worry, but it’s important to understand
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Cheap is not always cheerful, especially with tenant references and RGI

21 July, 20160 Comments
With the likes of Upad and Openrent offering complete online letting solutions for UK landlords at rock bottom prices, the question we would like to ask you today is: are they offering you rock bottom tenant referencing and rent guarantee insurance services for your trouble? We all want to find the most cost effective deal,
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50% of Universal Credit claimants now in arrears

19 July, 20162 Comments
As the number of Universal Credit claimants in debt is much higher than expected, Lord Freud has commissioned an “urgent” review to directly address the issue. Describing the proportion of claimants already in arrears before they switched over to direct payment of benefit for housing costs under UC as “frightening”, speaking in the House of
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I used to get credits for uploading tenants … what’s happened?

20 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii Hello, I used to get credits for uploading tenants which don’t seem to happen any more? Samii says Good Morning, Thank you for your email and welcome back to the site.  We used to run a credit based system as you know, where you would receive lifestyle credits for each tenant uploaded. These
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Does the green tick mean I should go ahead with their tenancy or is there anything else I should be waiting for?

17 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I’ve just received the Equifax financial report back. Does the green tick mean I should go ahead with their tenancy or is there anything else I should be waiting for? Samii says Thank you for highlighting this issue. At Tenant Referencing UK we try to make everything as clear and transparent as possible,
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Tenant killed his landlord for rent money, Swansea court hears

14 June, 20160 Comments
This week a Swansea court has heard Landlord Alec Warburton died from a brutal hammer attack, after the accused murderer created a web of lies in order to steal rent money. David Craig Ellis, 41, is accused of murdering his landlord Alec Warburton, 59, at his home between July and August of last year. After the killing
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How on earth is it possible to get a credit score as low as that?

14 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii We ran a credit check the other day, I wanted to please verify the result with yourself as I have never seen a score so low as 7?? Can I check what the scale ranges from, I thought it was 1-600?? I’m not even sure how on earth it would be possible to
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