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Hidden charges: Things you need to budget before buying a house

22 March, 20170 Comments
Once you’ve gone to all the trouble to save the deposit to find your first home, you’ll either be buying something you know needs renovation or a house that is ready to go. It’s the ready to go house that comes with risks, hidden maintenance costs and things you might not have budgeted in to
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How to save money whilst renting

02 December, 20160 Comments
Moving out and renting your first property is an exciting next step for many of us, but sometimes it can prove to be a costly process. There are often hidden costs and extra fees added on, but the main cost for many renters is the energy bills. So many renters get caught out by not
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Jargon busting tips when selling/buying a home

22 November, 20160 Comments
          Whether it’s our job, our hobbies, our education or our health, there will be certain times in our lives when we need to learn some new terms. At the start of any process it can be quite confusing picking up the lingo. But if you’re thinking of buying or selling
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Keeping up appearances: easy ways to boost your home’s value

18 November, 20160 Comments
When it comes to the value of your home, there’s plenty you can do to up the asking price before you’ve even put it on the market. The value of your property may be dependent on a host of factors outside your control, but there are plenty of simple and quick things you can do
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Common Mistakes Amateur Property Developers Make and How to Do it Right

09 September, 20160 Comments
Are you getting into property development? Well, you’re competing with the professionals and it’s important you know what you’re doing to avoid financial disaster. In addition to errors such as skimping on quality or asking too high a price at the point of sale, here are the most common mistakes amateur property developers make (and
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Renovating a Buy to Let Property? Here are the DIY Jobs You MUST Do…

22 July, 20160 Comments
Have you purchased a buy to let property? Lots of people are doing so, but not everyone is so good at maintaining their investment! Here are the key DIY jobs you need to do to ensure that the property is in tip-top condition, and that your tenants are kept safe too… Address the damp Damp
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Everything You Need To Know About South Gloucestershire’s ‘Self Build Register’

21 July, 20160 Comments
For many, building their own home could be a lifelong dream that they never get to fulfil. But, for those living in South Gloucestershire, that dream could become a reality much sooner than expected… Due to the fact it is so hard for the youth of today to get on to the property ladder, people
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5 Gift Ideas For The New Homeowner

27 June, 20162 Comments
If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member who has just moved in to a new home, then it may be tempting to go for a potted plant, or the typical ‘Home Sweet Home’ hanging sign – and whilst there is nothing really wrong with either of these, there are only
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Bringing a New Lease of Life to Living Rooms

23 May, 20160 Comments
Renovating a property is one of the surest ways to earn cash: provided you don’t run over budget or invest more time than you can afford, you’ll swiftly increase the value of a rundown home by refurbishing it. It’s a challenging undertaking, but it’s perfectly possible to give a building a little TLC and make
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