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Author: Paul Routledge

Founder of Tenant 2014, in June 2010, 1999


Why Use Our Superstore?

17 September, 20120 Comments
  THE  LETTING STORE. is committed to helping all UK Landlords and Letting Agents to protect themselves, their peers and clientsfrom taking one another’s previous bad tenants.   The companies commitment is that we want to provide the whole service “Free forever” to our members.  We believe we can keep the service free by providing Services, Trades
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Cannabis – The grass was not so green.

14 June, 20121 Comments
At the Bristol Landlords Expo recently I had a wander and was drawn to a stand that had a huge cannabis (AKA skunk) plant which was “in bud” sitting on the table. I could smell the pungent smell and as I approached I realised it was sitting on the stand occupied by the North Somerset
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