As tenant evictions rise in England and Wales, so does the need for thorough tenant referencing

As tenant evictions rise in England and Wales, so does the need for thorough tenant referencing

Official figures show that the number of households evicted from rental accommodation in England and Wales rose by 5% in the first three months of 2016.

Seasonally adjusted figures from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) reveal that there were 10,732 repossessions of rented property by bailiffs between this January and March; up from 10,253 in the final three months of 2015.

Furthermore, a total of 22,376 private rented households in England were evicted in the last 12 months which is twice as many as in the same period five years ago.

The acute shortage of property is not helping the situation, as demand continues to outweigh supply. People need homes and will therefore continue to stretch their cash to put a roof over their heads. However, suddenly the realisation that once the bills start to come in, the debts start to mount up and when they sit down and calculate it; two and two do not equal five!

At Landlord Referencing we have an Affordabillity Calculator (click here to view) and you would be quite surprised about how many people actually say they can afford more than the calculations put in at the outset.
At Tenant Referencing UK we always advise our landlords not to take tenants on that are stretched. This is because we understand that an overstretched tenant can result in a bust landlord.

Just have a read of the latest dilemmas our landlord members are debating via our live discussion forums:

There is really only one way for landlords and agents to protect themselves in these circumstances and that is to properly reference applicant tenants from the beginning and then make sure they are covered with a solid Rent Guarantee Insurance. So that even if the best tenants turn bad you and your property are fully protected.
This is why we strive to continuously give landlords the best deal to incentivise them to do the best referencing possible and take out the rent guarantee. Therefore our £100 package has to be the best deal ever to protect landlords against the pitfalls of problematic tenants further down the line.

Our motto at is “Prevention is Better Than Cure”. So if you haven’t joined our community yet we urge you to do so now, to prevent bad tenants from entering your property in the first place! Please click here to join us now.

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