As landlords, we need an honest debate about the benefit system


I rent flats in South London to young professionals seeking their first home. I have also been a live in landlord as well as being a lodger myself. Following a 10 year career in IT, I front end coded and authored - I have worked for two UK government departments, Land Registry and the Department for Work and Pensions and have a background in English Property Law.


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  1. One point i would like to pick up on is the statement regarding NI numbers “anyone listening can get both this and their full name – they can then easily find out where they live (if they don’t already know!)” He as a floor manager for the job center may have used his position to get that information but if he did it was a crime.
    Even the police have to have special permission to obtain such information this is due to the data protection act
    so how is it so “easy” as he claims