Another landlord licensing scheme to throw the voters off ? …

Another landlord licensing scheme to throw the voters off ? …

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is to introduce a Selective Licensing scheme in the Portland Street area of Cobridge.

The area is well known for anti-social behaviour, being the second most deprived in Stoke-on-Trent, and according to council figures 88% of people in the area have a problem with ASB.

Of the 797 properties in Portland Street, 394 are privately rented by 280 landlords and nearly half of these apparently live outside Staffordshire, with some residing as far away as Spain or Australia.

This means that 403 properties (more than half) are NOT owned by private landlords and there are no official figures to show the tenure of those who are anti social.

  • If this area is in fact “known” for ASB what exactly are the Police and local council doing to solve the problem?
  • How will licensing landlords make any difference?

Is this another Selective licensing scheme that is being introduced to throw the voters off the main issue; which is the control of badly behaved people – the Police and council have enough powers to deal with the offenders – what powers have landlords got? If we turn up at properties without giving 24 hours written notice the council will be the first people to take action against us for not giving our tenants “quiet enjoyment”.

Tony Oakman, director of people at the council, describes selective licensing as a ‘powerful tool’, in his report to cabinet.

He said:

Poor housing management and low standards in the sector has contributed to the failure of the housing market in certain areas of the city. People have left the area, house prices have fallen, speculative landlords have moved in, and the local community has become weakened.”

What we want to know is HOW licensing landlords will stop the bad behaviour of our tenants and, more to the point why this council has not joined LRS and encouraged their landlords to join too ???  As this is the ONLY effective way to stop anti social behaviour and to send a clear message to the offenders



  • Landlords; do you have a licensing scheme in place in your area?
  • Tenants; what are your views on landlord licensing schemes?

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