Another day, another ‘clever tool’ to avoid nightmare tenants

Another day, another ‘clever tool’ to avoid nightmare tenants

A ‘new tool’ to avoid nightmare tenants has entered the market, that carries out a check on your prospective tenants by using ‘new social profiling technology.’ now enables a landlord to ‘get to know’ a tenant before making a decision to rent their property to them.

With the tenants consent they do this by analysing data from their social media profiles, which they believe ‘should’ help landlords avoid costly wrong decisions resulting in missed rent or damage to their properties.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

If you want true insight into a tenants personality and rental behaviour, you will not find it through referencing systems based on a tenants consent or references provided directly from tenants. 

A tenant isn’t going to give a detrimental history against themselves are they? And even if they do supply their real previous landlord, if the landlord wishes to get rid of them he will give a spurious reference to ‘get shot’ of them as quickly as possible!

This is why Tenant History Reports from TenantReferencingUK are completely different to any other reports available in the country.

Our landlord and agent members have the ability to constantly upload, even after the tenant has left, and this is where we clinch the lead in trustworthy and transparent referencing procedures. Plus, once the tenant has vacated the property our landlord members are quicker at adding their data to our ever-growing database and as the databases mature, more and more histories are revealing themselves on habitually problematic tenants over the ages.

Here are a couple of real ‘horror stories’ that some of our landlord members have shared with us recently:

Have a look HERE at what we can offer our members, as we’re not just a referencing company but a complete ‘one stop shop’ for all your letting needs.

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