Activists call for a ban on Section 21’s …

Activists call for a ban on Section 21’s …

Yesterday housing activists occupied the Department of Communities and Local Government in protest at evictions and insecurity of tenure.

The protest followed reports of a workshop held by DCLG about ways of making it easier for landlords to evict their tenants, where campaigners bedded down in sleeping bags in the department’s lobby to “highlight how being evicted by a private landlord has become the leading cause of homelessness”.

London Renters, who were behind the protest, claim that they have been evicted for asking for repairs to be done or joining a local tenants’ campaign.

At Landlord Referencing Services we are constantly inundated with landlords telling us stories about their tenants not notifying them about problems within their properties and then claiming that the landlord has not done anything and is therefore a rogue.

For example : When a tenant has a problem the landlord pays for it – is that really fair?

Landlords seeking tenant evictions through courts at highest since 2009 & up 12.7% v 2012 – Click here to read on.

Recent research by Shelter has found that 1 in 33 renters had been a victim of retaliatory eviction, and one in eight were so fearful of it that they did not ask for repairs to be done.

But with PRS Rent arrears being the UK’s best kept secret we truly wonder how many of these “retaliatory evictions” are in fact landlords who have had enough of negligent tenants; who for example keep moaning about “damp” when in fact it is condensation which has been created by them in the first place.

At LRS we truly believe that one of the main cause of homelessness is bad tenants and/or ignorant tenants making themselves homeless and what is desperately needed is better understanding, communication and relations between landlords and tenants in order to create an equal housing system for all.

  • Landlords & Agents – What are your views on the current UK eviction system?
  • Have you ever had a tenant claim that you are a negligent/rogue landlord, when in fact it was their negligence that was the problem?
  • Private renting tenants – Have you ever been evicted? How was your experience?

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