A national register for dodgy landlords?

A national register for dodgy landlords?

Labour’s Policy Review explores new ideas on the private rented sector to “drive standards up and bad landlords out.”

These “new ideas” include creating a national register of private landlords, a new national private rented property standard, stamping out the use of “retaliatory eviction” against tenants who complain about the conditions of their property, greater powers for local authorities and tougher sanctions for bad landlords – including the potential to strike off criminal landlords.

The review also highlights :

  • Councils have reported up to 1,500 serial bad landlords.
  • According to the English Housing Survey, the proportion of private rented stock that is “non-decent”* is at 35 % – considerably higher than any other housing tenure.
  • In 2011, safety hazards were present in 21% of private rented sector dwellings, compared to 7% of social sector dwellings.
  • £8.6 billion a year is going to private sector landlords through Housing Benefit.
  • HMRC estimates £500 million of tax evasion is via private Landlords.
*A decent home is one that meets the current minimum standard for housing, is in a reasonable state of repair, has reasonably modern facilities and services, and is reasonably well insulated and can be effectively heated.

Read Labour’s Policy Review in full by clicking here

This policy review comes after new figures reveal up to 274,000 families with children and up to 65,000 pensioners are living in homes with potentially serious hazards; damp and mould, overcrowding, exposure to asbestos & carbon monoxide, etc.

Not once throughout this whole “review” have the Labour Party addressed the £1 billion of housing benefit a year that DOES NOT get to the landlord, and instead subsidises pay day loan companies, pubs, bookies, massage parlours, Sky TV, etc…

Don’t get us wrong, LRS wholeheartedly welcome tougher sanctions for the minority of bad landlords operating out there – but that is our point; IT IS A MINORITY.

What with Universal Credit on its way, our exclusive Tenant Alert Rent Default data from Jan-April 2013 standing at £350,500 (more than one third of the total that was recorded for the whole of 2012 at LRS) AND the latest Tenant Arrears Tracker via LSL Property Services shows the number of renters more than 2 months behind on payments rose by 4,000 to 94,000 in the first quarter of 2013 (an increase of nearly 5 %) is highlighting the fact that something desperately needs to be done about the ever increasing issue of massive rent arrears that more and more landlords are having to deal with.

The private rented sector has an important role to play in meeting housing need,” said Jack Dromey, the shadow housing minister.

But too many tenants are in poor and sometimes dangerous homes. That’s why Labour has set out proposals to drive standards up and bad landlords out.”

Landlord Referencing Services agree that the private rented sector has an exceptionally important role to play in meeting housing need, but believe that the issue of “bad tenants” operating nationally is a much worsening problem and strain on the taxpayers purse than the minority of “bad landlords” out there.

Contacting your M.P to ask for housing law to be changed and Landlords being able to automatically evict tenant without court action after two months rent arrears. (CLICK TO READ ON)

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