A lobbying group for honest and competent landlords

A lobbying group for honest and competent landlords

As Landlord Referencing Services grows in membership and presence not only are we now stopping landlords and letting agents taking one another’s bad tenants (who have never been able to before) but we are being seen amongst growing unfair legislation as the Number 1 lobbying group for honest and competent landlords.

Now in our third year of trading, and without one single complaint against us from a tenant, we are now partnered with Neighbourhood Watch, associations and groups and the word across them all is this; better landlords and better tenants make better communities.

Legislation in this country and the pressure put upon private rented sector landlords is more than ever before and as we have seen this week by ill-informed activist internet trolls; not only are we up against these changes in law but we are also up against tenant pressure groups who try to villainise all landlords from making a living from rented property.

Many landlords contact us every week concerned about the break down in communication between landlords and their tenants. And only this week we are starting to see pay as you go solicitors try and pray on landlords to create financial settlements, because of a deposit protection law that was bought in to protect tenant deposits which has become unworkable through failures in correct procedures.

When LRS originally started it was primarily to create a safe way for landlords and letting agents to protect one another, but with the ever increasing unification on our site between landlords, letting agents and tenants LRS is also quickly being seen as a fair (and free) mediation platform between these groups.



With this in mind LRS would like to extend by invitation to landlords throughout the country (even if they have good tenants) to join us; so that with more members we can pressure the government to enforce laws which do not outlaw individuals for simply earning a living by investment into property.

Letting Agents


We also invite letting agents to join us to show that they are an integral part of the private rented sector in this country and that they in turn deserve to earn a living for the services that they provide and if lobby groups try and reduce their charges to nothing they will not be able to offer the good service and advice to the hundreds of thousands of landlords they support every year.



“Just today I have had a telephone call from a 24 year old man who has severe damp in his property. On assessment of his case it would seem that neither the tenant nor the landlord understood that the problem is very simple; there is inadequate ventilation within the property. Therefore landlordreferencing.co.uk also invite tenants to join us, to bring to our attention these issues so that we can explain to them what they should do in making their landlord comply with legislation whilst bringing about to their landlord what they need to do to make their tenant comfortable.

We do not believe that the private rented sector in this country needs to be a “them and us” mentality.

And we believe that if we can get people to talk via our forums & create good tenancy files, then that is a start to creating a better private rented sector and better homes for all.”Paul Routledge.

Landlords, Letting Agents and Tenants CAN create a better PRS together.

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