A Landlords Horror Story

A Landlords Horror Story

Have a read of this latest forum post, that one of our newest members has shared with the Tenant Referencing UK forum:

I just wanted to thank Paul Routledge for the valuable advice he gave me last Friday afternoon.

After months and months of harassment, police visits, umpteen smashed windows, other tenants threatening to leave, vile syringes found in the hallways and communal bin areas and to TOP IT ALL scum-bag junkies having the NERVE to tell me how to serve a Section 21 correctly (?!?!?!?!!!!!) I’ve finally got them out today.

What the hell has become of our society when good landlords are forced to pay bad tenants to leave?

On the advice of Citizens Advice and the local authority we needed to take her to court and even then I’d have to send in the bailiffs to get rid of her. They actually pointed me in the direction of this website, as they obviously couldn’t help me but they can help the likes of these crack-heads!

Anyway, I offered her £250 to leave today and she couldn’t sign the agreement sooner. I expect she’ll be in a Bed & Breakfast by lunch time, putting that cash straight into her dirty veins. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner, I mean it would have cost me at least £350 to go to court. Which makes me wonder how many other landlords do this to get rid of rogues, and then they just move down the road onto the next unsuspecting landlord and it just goes on and on and on.

As Paul quite rightly said; the only way to stop taking tenants like these is to reference thoroughly and upload the bad-uns that slip through the net.

These 6 months have been utter hell, so I’ve well and truly learnt my lesson; I won’t be taking another tenant from the f***ing council that’s for sure! I feel about 100 today!Yell

At least I’ve found you now and signed up for everything. It’s great I can literally do everything from the website, even find new tenants; so I’m hoping it won’t be empty for too long. (although I haven’t checked the damage yet. Confused)

I’m looking forward to being able to upload my good tenants details and create each of them a Tenant History to say thanks. Your rent guarantee insurance looks like a good idea too, especially if I can get the tenant to pay for it!

Thanks again for taking the time to talk, Landlord Referencing is a true asset to the lettings industry CoolKiss

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