75% of Bristol Post readers want a national tenant register to be introduced

75% of Bristol Post readers want a national tenant register to be introduced

In the run-up to the impending ban on letting agents’ fees, a property developer has called for a national tenant register to help landlords avoid ‘nightmare renters’.

Covered by The Bristol Post this week, entrepreneur Robert Evans has urged the government to set up a national tenant register to help landlords avoid prospective tenants who have a history of rogue behaviour.

He said: “It’s absolutely right that tenants should be able to run a check on the landlord they’re planning to rent from, but in the same way, it has to be right that landlords get similar help to avoid the nightmare situation of having a tenant who either won’t pay or won’t leave.”

Mr Evans, who set Britain’s first fixed-fee management agency Property Wealth Management, added: “If there’s a robust system in place to identify problem people at the outset, one might argue that it could be a low-cost first step in referencing. If a prospective tenant is on that list, the landlord has the choice then of not proceeding further and avoiding the more costly formal reference process for a tenant who’s never going to be accepted.”

Furthermore, a poll conducted by The Bristol Post currently shows that 75% believe that a national tenant register should be introduced;

At Tenant Referencing UK this is exactly what we have been doing for the past 8 years.

It is now a fact that those who join our network and “Lifestyle Reference” their applicants through the UK’s original and only Tenant Histories truly can reduce rent arrears, property damages and anti-social behaviour; saving our 160,000+ subscribers hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process, as well as their precious time and their sanity!

Databases containing tenants rent defaults are obvious advantageous to landlords – but what database can store whether your applicant tenant is a drug dealer or an illegal immigrant? None, and for the simple reason that this does not comply with The Data Protection Act 1998. The Tenant Referencing UK database is the only one of its kind that can tell you these types of things without breaking data protection rules – simply because we put landlords and letting agents in touch with one another to find out what their applicant tenant is really like, ensuring that tenants are not unfairly discriminate against in the process.

However, the idea did not originate in particularly pleasant circumstances; it was the only possible solution to a real, and in some ways desperate, need. Great ideas come at strange times – Newton’s came to him beneath an apple tree, Paul Routledge’s came to him beneath a knife wielding tenant. Please click here for the full story.

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