666; the number of the beast! [LRS HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE] #TerrifyingTenantTales

666; the number of the beast! [LRS HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE] #TerrifyingTenantTales

tenants tales

“Once a conman, always a conman…”

Tenant Alert Reference : NATIONAL/RS/241013

This is a tale about one of my tenants who has truly lived up to his DOB; 06/06/1966 !!!

In the past he conned 4 women into giving him wads of cash with his sob stories and did 30 months of prison time when he got caught! Read the following article for more information :


Recently one of my tenants has fallen into 8 weeks’ worth of arrears and it was reported that he hadn’t been seen near his property for a while. I knocked on his door to check if he was still there and that he hadn’t done a runner and discovered that the flat had been left open! So I changed the locks, as it was a security breach to the flat and the tenant’s property.

Two days later he came to me and starting shouting about his locks being changed. I explained the situation and then questioned him on his arrears. He told me that he didn’t have enough money for food let alone rent, which is why he had been staying somewhere else for a few days.

He explained that he had been unpaid in his job, that he had been doing for the past 8 weeks, which amounted to £3,000. Extremely shocked I asked who he had been working for and he responded with ‘Simon Reid’.


As I already knew about his cheating/love-rat/fraudster days, I knew that this tenant was not going to get his money that he had worked so hard for. Simon had also not been at home for a while and had claimed to have depression due to the fact his mother had recently died. I didn’t know whether he was telling the truth or trying to claim mental health issues and get himself out of the mess he’d put himself in. Regardless, he’s left our poor tenant in s*** who also has a baby on the way – understandably he’d like to be in a good financial state for when the time comes.

I advised the tenant to visit all of the houses that he had worked on and see if Simon had been paid or not and it turned out that he had been paid and had even been paid for jobs that he had left unfinished.

The next day a letter arrived in the post from Simon’s mother. Umm… okay? So did his mother miraculously rise from the dead ?! How sick! I can’t believe he would try and pull off such a vile and twisted stunt.

Later on that day Simon’s girlfriend (who does not wish to be named) rang up to find out if I had seen Simon. I explained everything and she was shocked that it had happened again; she is one of the four women in the Daily Mail article. And it turns out that she had also been sending him money due to his ‘depression’.

‘Newly reformed man’ – ha, what a joke!

Another LRS Landlord member that Simon had been “working” for found him through ‘RatedPeople.com’, which also highlights the importance of properly researching maintenance contractors.

Follow the link and have a look for yourself …

The thing about the LRS referencing system is that now he is uploaded this will never have to happen to another landlord again, because fraud will never turn up on the traditional credit reference. But the great thing about LRS is that if it is a match (to the name, DOB and/or NI number) they will simply put that landlord in touch with their last landlord, who can then give a true and accurate reference.

It is SO important that we have a system like this to put a firm stop to these “professional fraudster tenants” like Simon.


Why should we have to keep picking up the tab for these people, when all we want to do is earn an honest living and house decent tenants?

I would also advise that all landlords and agents Google their applicant tenants as part of their referencing procedure.

The Avon and Somerset police have launched their own inquiry into this matter, so I urge all of Simon’s customers who have been ripped off to immediately report him to their local police station.

Tenant Alert Reference : NATIONAL/RS/241013

Thank you LRS for allowing me to share my story.

Anonymous Landlord.


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