61% of landlords feel the risk to their safety has increased while collecting rents…

61% of landlords feel the risk to their safety has increased while collecting rents…

In an anonymous online poll of 200 Landlords LRS asked the question:

  • Do you feel welfare reforms have increased the risk to your safety while collecting rents?

We can now reveal the results;


This is why Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is acting as an excellent deterrent to anti-social tenants, as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.

Those that don’t can be uploaded onto the LRS system as a “Tenant Alert”, which provides an early warning to every landlord and agent that uses our service.

September 2013 Tenant Alert Statistics

Furthermore, members of the House of Lords will scrutinise the key principles and purpose of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill during its second reading today.

If the bill is read a second time, Lord Taylor of Holbeach to move that the bill be committed to a Committee of the Whole House.

Second reading is the first opportunity for members of the Lords to debate the key principles and main purpose of a bill and to flag up any concerns or specific areas where they think amendments (changes) are needed.

The most important part of this Bill for landlords is that if it is passed they will be able to evict a tenant on grounds of anti-social behaviour – even if the offence has not been committed near the property, and the courts will have to grant possession.

Anti-social tenants – A new Bill set to make a difference | CLICK FOR FULL INFO

  • Landlords, Letting Agents and Tenants; what do you think about this new Bill?
  • Landlords; Has your local council ever ‘offloaded’ anti-social tenants onto you? If so, how did you deal with them?

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