6 year anti-social behaviour campaign finally curbed

6 year anti-social behaviour campaign finally curbed

Yesterday nightmare neighbours from hell, in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham, were issued with Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions.

Eugene Bird, 54, Sean Bird, 21, and Michael Bird, 19, from the Hawkesley Estate have had their council house re-possessed and each have received a 2 year Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction.

Since 2008 the family have made the area a living nightmare, causing damage to property, verbal abuse, constant threats and intimidation – with the majority of residents living in constant fear of reprisals from the family. The families criminal activity also included theft of lead from properties, burglaries within the local area and criminal damage.

Rob James, Service Director – Housing Transformation, said

“These injunctions demonstrate support from the Courts in protecting our communities from this sort of behaviour.  Despite previous warnings and attempts to engage with this family the anti-social behaviour and criminal activity continued so we had no alternative but to take legal action.”

Inspector Vanessa Eyles from South Birmingham Police, said

“This is an excellent example of the importance of partnership work.  It highlights to the community that everyone should have the right to enjoy their neighbourhood without fear of harassment and if there is a particular family causing intimidation and disruption we will take action to ensure this is resolved. These Injunctions send a clear message to offenders that the local community, police and the council will not stand for anti-social behaviour.”

This family are now on the lookout for a new property – so the question is:

  • How can a landlord avoid taking these kind of tenants on in the future, and protect their existing tenants from anti-social and threatening behaviour?

Unsurprisingly, the majority of tenants find disruptive neighbours the most off putting factor when looking for rental accommodation. Furthermore, the most ‘tenants from hell’ manage to gain access to a new property after leaving their last landlord simply because their rent default or property damages were not registered in time to stop them.

LandlordReferencing.co.uk is the only company in the UK today that will send you an email within 1 hour of a rogue tenant leaving their last landlord.

Lifestyle Tenant Referencing also acts as an excellent deterrent to “bad” tenants; as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.

So why not join LRS today?

By doing so this will send a clear message to your existing and future tenants that you are a good landlord but if they fail to pay their rent/damage your property/cause unrest within the community through anti-social behaviour you can and will be able to stop them from renting a home in the future, alongside 21,000+ other vigilant landlords and letting agents right across the UK.

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What is an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction?…


An Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) is an injunction that prohibits the person in respect of whim it is granted from engaging in housing – related anti-social conduct of a kind specified in the injunction;

  • An Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) is similar to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) but has been developed to help councils and housing associations tackle ASB in social housing areas.
  • They tend to be sought by local authorities, police and / or social landlords / housing associations and are set up and executed in the same way as an ASBO, with a series of conditions being attached, that if breached, hold consequences.
  • Housing-related means directly or indirectly relating to or affecting the housing management functions of a relevant landlord.
  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction is issued by the County Court to prevent anti-social behaviour being committed by an individual.  If the ASBI carries the power of arrest, any breach on the Injunction may result in arrest of the individual.
  • As a general rule, injunctions tend to be shorter term (i.e. around 6 months) while Orders (ASBOs) start at a term of 2 years – therefore injunctions tend to be used as more of a temporary measure. Sometimes, injunctions are sought for an immediate remedy, then an ASBO sought for a longer term solution.

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