50th anniversary of the world’s first Neighbourhood Watch scheme

50th anniversary of the world’s first Neighbourhood Watch scheme

26-close-up-copyToday marks the 50th anniversary of the murder of Kitty Genovese in the borough of Queens, New York – a tragedy that resulted in the setting up of the world’s first Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the US.

Working in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch it seems like an opportune moment for LRS to reflect on how far the Neighbourhood Watch movement has come since then, and how it has grown to be a global movement with schemes in many countries across the world as diverse as Canada and the Seychelles!

It is fitting that this year, as well, national Neighbourhood Watch-type organisations from different countries within Europe are getting together in October to discuss a potential European-wide umbrella group to enable us to share good practice from different countries and find out what works well for other countries, what problems they face and how they overcome them.  The world has changed a lot in 50 years and the internet can make our connections truly global and help enhance the success of the movement.

It is a proven statistic that most people who actively participate in criminal activity, drug trafficking and anti-social behavior rent their homes, and that is why Landlords and Letting Agents who unite their data through LRS are fast becoming the gate-keepers of our communities.

More and more landlords and agents are realising the importance of fulfilling their duty of care to their existing tenants simply by carrying out thorough tenant referencing procedures, by joining LRS.

Here are a few relevant crime prevention exclusives that LRS has covered in its 4 year history:

Landlords working as gatekeepers bust cannabis farm.

Landlord gate-keepers send another cannabis farm to pot!

Cannabis – The grass was not so green.

Subletting burglars jailed after £50k raids.

LRS Launches Landlord Community Watch.

Social Referencing protects victims of anti-social behaviour.

He seemed like a lovely bloke…until he stabbed me in the head…

Do you have any stories to share about crime reduction in your area or field of work?

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