3 Benefits of Going for Luxury Student Accommodation

3 Benefits of Going for Luxury Student Accommodation

When students are going away to school, they may consider paying to stay on campus in university provided housing like dorms and residence halls. Others choose to live on their own off campus similar to how they’d live when they’re out of school. But many still don’t know about the option of luxury student accommodation and what it has to offer. Here are the three major benefits of going for luxury student accommodation.


Students enjoy the sheer simplicity of moving in their clothes, books and personal effects and not having much else to worry about. Luxury student accommodation comes with all the furniture, fittings and fixtures you’ll need.

You don’t have to waste time finding household items and furniture, much less transporting them to your apartment. You probably won’t be given individual cleaning utensils, but there will usually be some provided for communal use. As an added bonus, most luxury student accommodation comes with flat screen TVs and modern appliances your friends will envy.

Predictable Expenses

One benefit of living in luxury student accommodation is that you don’t have to set up utilities or pay for them directly. This can save you time; for example, you don’t have to worry about getting the utilities being set up or getting them hooked up. You won’t have to shop around for the best cable provider or try to figure out who offers the highest internet speeds in your area. That is all included in the weekly or monthly rent. You’ll pay your rent, and that’s it.

Bills like your gas, electricity, water, and security will also be included. You won’t have to worry about higher utility bills in the winter. All you have to take care of is your food budget, tuition and little incidentals. You won’t even have to take care of maintenance as someone else will take care of the clogged drains and, depending on the facility, even clean your room.

You won’t have to pay the council tax, since the building administrators take care of it for you. If you were staying in a private apartment, you might be able to avoid the council tax but that requires meeting with the council and showing them your student ID to get the exemption.


Most luxury student accommodation is located close to the university. They’re almost always within walking distance of your classes, and if not, close to public transit. If you’re looking for student accommodation across the UK in a city such as Leeds, services like Almero offer housing near your classes and popular meeting places. Luxury student accommodation puts you near restaurants, clubs, and everywhere you want to be, as well. If you do want to learn more about Almero and their choices of accommodation in Leeds, you can explore what’s currently available at the following page: www.almerostudentmansions.com/properties/leeds/.

Luxury student accommodation such as that provided by Almero also offers tons of amenities that most conventional residence halls don’t, such as fitness rooms, swimming pools and club lounges. That might end up saving you time and money, since you won’t need a gym membership or need to get to the gym to workout. You may not need to leave your building except to attend classes, but you certainly won’t have to bounce all over town to get things done.

All-inclusive residences are the best choice for students; the time and hassle you save are worth the cost. And given the costs included in the total bill, it may be a better deal than you think.


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