2013 LRS Alerts show 22% drop in rent arrears & damages

2013 LRS Alerts show 22% drop in rent arrears & damages

time for changeAs we enter 2014 Landlord Referencing is extremely happy to reveal that the tenant alerts recorded (exclusively at Landlordreferencing.co.uk) in 2013 show a 22% drop in rent arrears and property damages, compared to the figures recorded in 2012.

Coupled with the vast increase of Landlords & Letting Agents registering to join the Landlordreferencing.co.uk network over the course of 2013, this is exceptional news for our unique Tenant Referencing community as it is definitive proof that “Lifestyle” Referencing truly does reduce rent arrears and property damages; saving our members hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process, as well as their precious time and their sanity!

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Tenant Alert Statistics for 2013:

  • Total rent defaults recorded in 2013 = £801,500+.
  • Total property damages recorded in 2013 = £517,500+.
  • Equalling = £1,319,000+.

Tenant Alert Total for 2012 – Click to read on.

Tenant Alert Total for 2011 – Click to read on.

Other LRS Statistics from 2013:

So Landlord Referencing’s viewed traffic hits, compared to last year’s statistics, have increased by a whopping 90.9% !

Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is also acting as an excellent deterrent to tenants; as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.

Last year LRS predicted that rent arrears would dramatically increase once Welfare reform via Universal Credit had kicked in. However due to the delays with the “flagship” scheme we believe this is why they have stayed around the same as last year – but the mass increase in traffic and membership (almost 100%) shows that landlords are starting to realise that any tenant has the potential to become a benefit claimant and so are protecting themselves before this can even happen.

And with the ever increasing membership and constant growth we still boast the largest database of bad tenants in the UK (as well as good ones), continuing to keep our members safer; safer from taking one another’s bad tenants, as well as keeping their best tenants safe from bad neighbours.

“Prevention is better than cure”.


So the whole team would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those pro-active members who uploaded their rogue tenants onto the LRS system throughout 2013; preventing the rest of the Landlord Referencing Community from being deceived by unscrupulous and habitually bad tenants, as well as protecting their best tenants from anti-social and disruptive neighbours.

We also urge the entire LRS community to continue to upload their good AND bad tenants, because in doing so this will help ensure every landlord and letting agent (who are registered with Landlord Referencing Services) will not fall victim to the same issues.

Remember: “If we don’t let them into our properties, they cannot set roots into our communities; and without roots they cannot flourish”.

We hope you have a very happy and prosperous 2014, and please don’t forget to keep spreading the word about the completely free tool we have on offer here to ALL landlords and letting agents throughout the UK.

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