157,000+ landlords and letting agents now protecting one another

157,000+ landlords and letting agents now protecting one another


As we enter our 7th year in the tenant referencing business we are happy to announce that we now have over 157,000 active Tenant Referencing UK subscribers!

With landlords still failing to meet their legal obligationsrising court fees and accelerated possessions at an all-time high this cannot be a coincidence and can only mean that landlords are actually starting to realise that by simply activating their LRS account for a mere £10 it is exceedingly cheaper compared to what they will lose with a non-paying tenant; which can only be good news for the entire buy to let sector.

We hope that this now means that less landlords and agents are being mislead with regards to what a tenant history report actually is.

Databases containing tenants rent defaults are obvious advantageous to landlords – but what database can store whether your applicant tenant is a drug dealer or illegal immigrant? None, and for the simple reason that this does not comply with The Data Protection Act 1998. The Tenant Referencing UK database is the only one of its kind that can tell you these types of things without breaking data protection rules – simply because we put landlords and letting agents in touch with one another to find out what their applicant tenant is really like.

This is where Tenant Histories at Tenant Referencing UK is completely different.

So thank you and welcome to our newest members and an even bigger thank you to our existing members for spreading the word about the concept of real-time referencing through Tenant Histories.

It is simple maths that the more that join and network, the bigger the community and the safer we can all become.

With a database of circa. half a million plus low score tenants (and growing daily) it is half a million reasons for people to become a member and tell others to join our ever growing community of landlords and agents too.

Lets face it, we all want to stop bad tenants and 600,000 less bad tenants you may not need to take by joining the UK’s only referencing company that provides the UK’s original and only Tenants History Report FREE as standard alongside your Financial Report is a pretty amazing deal in today’s market.

So if you haven’t already, please join LandlordReferencing.co.uk today, register your good and bad tenants and in return receive the rest of the UK’s bad tenant information direct to your computer, at both local and national levels.

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