110 years on; Anti-social behaviour is no better

110 years on; Anti-social behaviour is no better


A collection of mugshots dating back to 1905, which warned publicans of drunken Dundonians, is to go under the hammer today.

The folio of forms was issued to local landlords warning them not to serve the pictured people, who had been convicted of being drunk and incapable.

Forms note “riotous behaviour” by the barred drinkers, with physical descriptions including “awanting a left eye” and “wanting teeth”.

Auctioneers Curr and Dewar hope they could sell for several hundred pounds.

Just as these forms listed the name, address and occupation of the pictured miscreants ; Positive Lifestyle Tenant Reference Reports list :

  • The tenants name.
  • A previous/current rent default and/or property damage amount.
  • The landlord or letting agents contact details that uploaded the tenant. (Name/Email Address/Telephone number)

Councils have not successfully grasped the positive effects of using the Landlord Referencing System yet, and instead have begun imposing Selective Licensing Schemes right across the country.

These schemes are ‘intended to address the impact of poor quality private landlords and anti-social tenants’ – but if it’s really about committing to getting better housing stock and ridding our communities of ASB then why won’t they work with us?

LRS CEO Paul Routledge recently challenged a Portsmouth housing officer about why they had not joined our 4 year long campaign to prevent anti-social behaviour – this was their response ;

‘We have decided that as a local authority who are obliged to house people no matter what their past means that we cannot work with any association that may make that impossible for them to get a home in the future.’ – See more at:http://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/forum/discuss/community-forum/the-article-discretionary-licensing-what-happened-so-far/


Therefore it is now time for us all to unite – CLICK HERE to read how.

  • 110 years on; would you agree that anti-social behaviour is no better?
  • Landlords; Have your local council ever ‘offloaded’ anti-social tenants onto you? If so, how did you deal with them?
  • Tenants; have you ever been the victim of anti-social neighbours? If so, what happened?

Whatever your views are on the subject please CLICK HERE to leave a comment.

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