10 good reasons to join LRS in 2014

10 good reasons to join LRS in 2014

WHY should landlords and letting agents join the only network in the UK that can prevent them from taking someone else’s bad tenant in the new year?

  1. You can become the “Gate-keeper” to your community, stopping the bad tenants from setting down roots.
  2. Welfare reform via Universal Credit – where, once implemented, you may never receive your rent…!
  3. Courts backed up with evictions ; so financial checks do not flag up rental arrears.
  4. Councils now have over 50% arrears and are now evicting these tenants into the Private Rented Sector.
  5. Anti-social behaviour and rent arrears increase in areas of austerity.
  6. Tenants in arrears are paying other bills, instead of the rent.
  7. Property damage ; increase in malicious damage to landlords.
  8. Insurance claims are now being turned down because landlords have not referenced their tenants properly.
  9. Illegal Immigration ; soon landlords will be fined for not checking a tenants right to reside in the UK.
  10. Receive the UK’s only “Lifestyle Reference” from a previous landlord.

What’s to lose; when you can network for free and start the year protecting your income, investment, neighbourhood, family and pension fund …???

You would be mad not to join!

Happy New Year from the LRS team.

Author: Media Team

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