About Us

About Us


LandlordReferencing.co.uk is a national tenant referencing database that has been created by Landlords for Landlords in order to reference tenants between one another. LandlordReferencing is unique as it does not rely upon the information that a prospective tenant gives you, it relies on the information that they haven’t given you; and it is supplied directly to LandlordReferencing.co.uk by their previous landlord.

It is an important service because while Landlords can undertake references from credit agencies, employers, friends and family, it does not tell you how a tenant may conduct themselves both in payments and in their lifestyle. Their previous landlord can give a one hundred percent unbiased and informative opinion as they have one to one experience in dealing with the tenant first hand.
Therefore we are the only company in the UK to offer a “Lifestyle Reference.”

As a member of landlordreferencing.co.uk, you have your own personal data controller/relationship manager who manages your lifestyle tenant referencing, keeps you in touch with other landlords in regards to tenants movements on a daily basis & maintains your tenant upload history.

You have your Social Media & Content Manager Beth; who finds out all the latest property related news for you, controls the content within the website & runs all aspects of our social media sites.

Our Sponsorship & Promotions team, who are managing all aspects of our sponsors directory.
Creating & maintaining affordable online advertising by using specific brand awareness & targeted marketing strategies.

You have your Head of Digital Kenn; who is constantly working to improve your online experience.

And last, but certainly not least, you have The Founder & CEO of LandlordReferencing.co.uk Paul; who travels around the country, spreading the word of our unique tenant referencing services at exhibitions, property meetings, etc & is always happy to discuss, explain and answer any questions regarding the company.

Landlord Referencing enables you to search new tenants and track down previous tenants. It also creates for you a personal file for your own tenants so it is a great way of archiving important information and having your very own personal data controller to keep it updated for you.

What inspired Paul to found the company?


Why is LandlordReferencing.co.uk different?

People are asking why the concept of landlordreferencing.co.uk is different to every other referencing site on the internet.  This can be simply explained that landlordreferencing.co.uk is not about referencing against the information a tenant gives you, it is about taking a reference against the information that they don’t give you.  landlordreferencing.co.uk gives voice to landlords to answer back to one sided legislation.  Let’s face it, no tenant is going to give you their last landlord if they know they have either ripped them off or damaged/destroyed their property.

A good analogy to outline this – landlordreferencing.co.uk is like a chain link fence that is slowly locking together and linking landlords and agents as one across the UK.  It is like a huge pool of information interlocking members together one by one, with Landlord Referencing just acting as the posts that keep the sections upright and rigid so that each link stays in situ as strong as the last, strengthening the security of the fence as it grows area by area.

That is why passing on information to other Landlord and letting agents and getting them to join is adding links and strength to the fence daily;  every time one member tells someone and they become a member, another link is added and slowly but surely the fence will cover the whole country.  When that is done you can imagine the hypothetical situation of passing an electric current through the fence from one end, electrifying the whole fence and thus securing the entire area it surrounds; Information that is passed amongst landlords and agents through LRS is the electrical current that will protect them and then once we have created this secure field all landlords and letting agents wont have to be subjected to the one law for us and one law for others which is what we have in place now.  Although tenant referencing at landlordreferencing.co.uk cannot change the law – cheats, con artists and scammers who destroy our property and steal our rents will either have to tow the line or simply become homeless.

The simple mathematics is that if just 3 of landlordreferencing.co.uk member landlords/agents tell 3 others about the web site and they in turn all continue this pattern, it only has to happen 8 times until landlordreferencing.co.uk will have another 20,000 landlords and agents all registering their problematic tenants and sending out tenant reference alerts right across the UK in a matter of weeks. This will leave any persistent offenders unable to rent a property as searches on their name will turn up their last landlord as a reference… who of course can tell the prospective new landlord about the problems they have had with the tenant.

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