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  • Application GUARANTOR completion confirmation

    Thank you….Please read ALL the steps below to be sure you undertake any of the actions YOU need to do.       YOU will receive a 2nd email from us to explain how to download your credit file from our friends at CheckMyFile and upload to us.    &n...

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  • Can we have 4 different guarantors?

    Dear Samii I’m applying for a house-share with 3 friends and just wondered if it’s possible to have 4 different guarantors for the same property? Samii says Yes, it is possible.  Be sure to discuss this further with your landlord, as each guarantor will need to be referenced separate...

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  • Does a guarantor have to be a home owner?

    Dear Samii Does a guarantor have to be a home owner? Samii says No, in theory they could be renting their home. However they must be financially sound to support the tenant should anything go wrong, so they should be referenced in the same way as the applicant. There are two types of guarantor t...

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  • Reference a student and their guarantor for just £60 at Tenant Referencing UK

    As University students near their last term, at Tenant Referencing UK we are enjoying the usual influx of landlords referencing their next batch of students in preparation for the coming year. This has seen a rise in the following questions that we’d like to go through again, to make sure th...

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  • Students with Guarantors / Lettings Packages with Tenant History Reports

    Dear Samii I am a student with no income but my parents wish to stand guarantor – can you help? Samii says In a recent update to our systems, whereby students are reliant upon their parents or some children are reliant upon their parents who have enough income to support the short fall and af...

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  • Tenant Histories / Guarantors

    Dear Samii I’m currently using another tenant referencing company who claim that they provide a Tenant History service – do they?… Samii says I wouldn’t call it a tenant history, more like a ‘tenant opinion’…! The quick answer is no. I am really worried...

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  • Online Tenant &/or Guarantor Reference Form.

    WELCOME TO TENANT REFERENCING UK. Starting your Reference  for your New Home. Thank you for following the link to your self start tenant referencing application. As you are aware the landlord of the property you have applied for has asked that you follow the process of a self start tenant referenc...

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  • Guarantor Application

    Please fill in the relevant boxes below to submit your application as a guarantor. Guarantor Application Form Guarantor Email Address*Guarantor Name*Gu...

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  • Chasing the guarantor

    CLICK HERE TO READ MY PREVIOUS INSTALLMENT Having got nowhere chasing the tenants for the rent we decided to send a letter to their guarantor: 11 January Dear Katie James Re. outstanding rent for 4 Queen’s Road. Following on from the letter we sent you 23rd September and the letter we sent to Mr ...

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