2 Let Serviced Referencing & Insurance Package 4 Only £65

2 Let Serviced Referencing & Insurance Package 4 Only £65


At TenantReferencingUk.com we now offer substantially more than others as we introduce to our Letting Agent members the best Tenant Referencing and Rent Guarantee Package at just £65 all inclusive.

Over the years we have always listened to our clients and since the launch of our insurance policies and our serviced referencing, we have had many busy agents who have started using our services. Not only do we offer our unique Tenant Histories like no other company but we also offer every other service to give the best tenant reference in the UK.  Our simple philosophy to our letting Agent members is, better tenant referencing gives you better tenants and better tenants keep your Landlord Clients happy.

Since we launched the £27  Free Serviced Reference with the £110 one year RGI Policy it has been a great success and thanks to you for all those who have used this service. However, we have been asked by members if we can provide a full service that letting Agents can offer to their landlords that incorporates the best referencing and a rent guarantee insurance available for the fixed term period of a new 6 months tenancy.

In simple terms letting agents wanted a referencing package and an insurance policy that did not take up all their time administering and one that was good for their landlord clients and would also offer an incentive to get more clients.

Members wanted a product which cost no more than they were already paying but also wanted a product that offered them the opportunity to keep their professional product development in line with ever increasing new legislation.

Some may say Impossible, until now and that is because we have produced exactly what our members want.


Letting Agents can now choose our “2 Let Package” and we will:

1) Send out all your tenant application forms and process them for you.

2) Calculate the applicant tenant’s affordability.

3) We carry out a full financial report, credit score, CCJ’s, electoral roll, aliases, linked addresses, open loan accounts. We deliver this to your onscreen archives within just 6 seconds.

4) We upload your tenants into your archive so you can manage their tenancy & rent in the future. We also stop future multiple applications, fraud & criminal activity.

5) We give you a complete tenant history uploaded from over 400,000 tenant records delivered to you onscreen in just 6 seconds.

6) We get an employer’s/accountants and also previous landlord/letting agent reference.

7) We request bank statements & identity documents.

8) We carry out home office approved immigration and fraud document checks with onscreen approval in just 4 minutes.

9) We put all your references into your dashboard archives for you to refer to at any time.

10) We will give you a 6 month’s rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance to protect your landlords against losses in the future. Up to £75,000 per claim.

11) Free basic Let Directory.com listing to attract more landlords to your services.

12) Continual free annual membership with no upfront fee or monthly subscriptions.

All this with constant support from your own designated account manager for just £60 including all taxes.


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