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19/11/2013 lrs_keeper

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 Why do UK Landlords & Letting Agents all Join www.landlordreferencing.co.uk? 


Because as a Landlord or Letting Agent when you Join landlordReferencing.co.uk you get the UK’s

most comprehensive  Tenant Reference & Management System available and you are also get;


    • Example of your Tenant Referencing & Management Dashboard – Get The UK’s Best Tenant Reference For just £7 (Click To View)
    • Supported by a community of fellow Landlords and Letting Agents. When you join LRS you will become part of the largest network of data sharers in the UK and will help to create a national database that provides unique reports on tenants – which is not available anywhere else to date and will not be revealed on a Traditional Credit Reference Report. With thousands of good and bad tenants registered in each area of the UK @ LRS, as well as thousands of landlords regularly uploading and updating their tenant(s) histories we are the largest organization of its kind (to date).
    • Establish a clearer history of a tenants previous tenure and lifestyle. Landlord Referencing Services differs from other services in the market by concentrating on how a tenant has conducted themselves during current and previous tenancy agreements – up to 6 years previously and although LRS does offer Tenant Credit Referencing, via market leaders Equifax, a Lifestyle Tenant Reference is more revealing than existing Tenant Vetting and Tenant Referencing as it focuses on historic behaviour over time, not just financial performance or credit reports; meaning that you can establish a clearer picture of each tenant.
    • Save yourself money, time and effort. Landlord Referencing Tenant Referencing Services provides you with your own personal data controller as well as your own “Real Time Tenant Referencing” file that you can manage yourself. Information regarding a tenants previous history is available immediately online and will put you in touch with a tenants previous landlord – whether the tenant has specified permission or not. LRS can also offer free advice via its online forums direct from its users, as well as Tenant Alerts – which can provide an early warning sign regarding a bad tenant operating in your area; as quickly as up to one hour after leaving their previous landlord.
    • Good Tenants can benefit from the service too. The new “Lifestyle Credits System” reward landlords for uploading their good tenants with £2 (2 credits each) which they can then use towards future referencing costs. A good track record of behaviour will also mean that a tenant can find a better place to live in the future.

Please join our community now, and we can make a difference to the UK’s private rented sector together.


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